Our team

Our team

Christiane Vettas - Roller

Christiane Vettas – Roller
Managing Pharmacist

The Pharmacy Um Piquet team is made up of qualified pharmacists and pharmacy assistants who receive regular training to ensure they are full capable of providing you with exactly the help and advice you require

We are always happy to serve you and provide you with advice on a wide range of different topics.

Come along and meet our qualified team made up of three pharmacists, one pharmacy assistant and an assistant, each trained to listen carefully to your needs and provide the specific service you require.

Pharmacy Um Piquet has two separate stores Apotheken Umschau and Letz Be Healthy.

It is important to regularly sort through your medicine cabinet and dispose of any items you no longer use or no longer require, which is why we provide a medicine recycling service. Please bring all your out-of-date medicines/medicines you no longer require back to us for proper disposal.


Our in-store pharmacy team